Logical riding clinic

Lindah’s teaching is built on several steps that you go through one by one in a certain order. Together the form a base for the riders seat, totally not regarding the discipline that the rider perform in.
Lindah’s teaching will teach the rider body control and the knowledge to ride a horse in a strengthening, loosening and straitening way.
The steps are useful for all riders on every level from beginner to pro and for everyone in between. It also doesn’t matter whish kind of horse that the rider have, warm bloods, thoroughbred, draft horses, Icelandic horses, trotters all are welcome and all will benefit from Lindah’s teaching!

This clinic is also very good for those who works with horses in all kinds of disciplines, such as equine therapists, massage therapists, instructors etc.

Lindah herself has practiced several different disciplines such as classic dressage, training trotting horses, competing with Icelandic horses, western, doma vaquera, liberty dressage and therefore she has the capacity to adapt whichever discipline that the rider wants to perform.
She has gotten her knowledge from several high-level instructors both in Sweden and abroad. She has a special skill in seeing what the rider needs and what he or she needs to learn to prevent problems later on in their riding tuition.

The tuition is based on body control and therefore it will also be a help for the rider to get rid of ache in the body. Physiotherapy on the horseback in other words! This is one of Lindah’s many skills.

Riders who have participated in Lindah’s clinics tell about eye-opening experiences about the mechanics of movement and why you do this or that while riding. Many persons experience a wonderful looseness in both their and their horses bodies afterwards.

The clinic will contain both theory and practical riding where two persons share one horse (not at the same time of course ;)) and al riding is performed while the horse walks. The focus is on the rider, not the horse, so therefore the education of the horse is of no importance, though it has to be calm.

For horses not stabled at the yard there will be available paddocks during daytime and some possibility to rent boxes for overnight stay may be arranged. Accommodation for human participants has to be arranged by the participators.

The fee for one day is 500skr and for both days 1000skr. Tough participants must start with step 1 on Saturday and can’t start with step 2 on sunday1.The cost for Lindah’s journey back and forth from Simrishamn will be divided between all participants, which will not render a high cost. You don’t need to bring your own horse to the clinic but there have to be at least 5 horses and 10 participants for the clinic to start.

The application to the clinic is binding and the fee is to be paid at the same time as the application. If the clinic for some reason will be cancelled the fee will be repaid.

Links to Lindah’s own description of the different steps of her teaching and her blog where she writes thoroughly about her philosophy and tuition is situated below.

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